Why might I use a Spot?
Written by Joe
Updated over a week ago

Our Spot feature has been designed to help smooth your cash flow when you need it and with that in mind, there’s a wide range of reasons you may consider using a Spot. Some examples include:

  • To help cover the cost of a little long-weekend vacay.

  • The car has broken down and you need a little help to cover the emergency expense.

  • You might be using your own cash to pay off a high-interest loan and need a little extra help for your day to day expenses.

  • To help cover some unexpected bills (or maybe a larger than expected shopping spree!)

We've got you covered no matter why you need to smooth your cash flow.

We know a Spot can really help and our simple Spot fees are compelling, but at the end of the day you will need to decide if Douugh, and taking out a Spot, is right for you.

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