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How do I make the most out of Douugh?
How do I make the most out of Douugh?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Although each individual will need to decide what is best for them, there are some ways you may be able to optimise their cashflow smoothing and investing using Douugh.

  • A Spot can grant you access to funds when you need them most.

  • Spending on your Douugh Card and paying back a Spot on time earns you Stockback™ rewards that can get auto-invested in a Portfolio of your choice.

  • The Academy and Investment Summary screen host a range of investing information aimed at helping investors of all levels.

  • Autopilot can be used to automate periodic investing in both Portfolios and your choice of selecting individual US Shares and/or EFTs.

  • Our Portfolios are a little bit different. Diversified, multi asset ETFs run by the worlds biggest Fund Manager should put you in safe hands over the long run

  • If you’re trading US Shares you can make unlimited trades within your 28 day trading window at no additional cost.

We want to make it clear that this is not advice, just factual information for your consideration.

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