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What is the Spot Jar?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

The Spor Jar is where Douugh customers get access to instant, on-demand advances of up to $500 called Spots.

Designed to help smooth your cash flow, Spots are borrowed instantly and repaid over 4x weekly instalments for a flat fee - with no other charges!

A Spot is a single requested amount (up to your available Spot limit) borrowed and paid straight into your Connected Account.

Simply set up your account with Douugh and we’ll let you know your Spot (borrowing) limit.

Then choose the amount you want to borrow, connect an account (via Basiq) where you want to receive your funds, set your Spot repayment card and away you go.

As active Spots are repaid via your Spot repayment card, your Spot limit will refresh, meaning you’ll be able to access more funds up to your initial Spot limit.

You could even qualify for a bonus 4% Stockback™ by making sure you pay back your loan in full and on time.

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