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How much does Douugh cost?
How much does Douugh cost?
Written by Chanel
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There is a cost to use Douugh and we aim to be 100% transparent about all costs to help you make informed decisions.

All the details surrounding costs can be found in our Financial Services Guide but as the cost of Douugh for individuals depend on what services you use, we will break down the main costs associated with each Douugh feature below:




What you get

When do you pay


$12.99 per Spot loan

Each time you take out a new Spot Me

Access to borrow funds to smooth your cash flow.

Each Spot fee is charged upfront before you collect your Spot.



28 days

Access to one of seven Portfolios to help you manage and grow your money.

When you have a Portfolio with a market value of greater than $50 on any day during the billing cycle.

US Shares


28 days

Allows you to place as many trades as you like on any of the individual shares available in the US Shares feature for 28 days.

When you join Douugh, you are assigned a rolling 28-day trading period. If you make a trade during a 28-day trading period, you will be charged a single trading fee at the end of the trading period. You don't pay this fee again until you make a trade in a subsequent 28-day trading period.

Currency exchange


When funding your US Wallet

Allows you to trade in USD on the US market.

Each time you fund your US Wallet. This includes funding through Autopilot.

Instant funding


When you choose to fund your US Wallet with instant funding

Prompt access to USD funds for trading.

Each time you choose instant funding to fund your US Wallet.

W-8BEN (US tax form)

$5 USD

First trade

Reduces the withholding tax charged by the US from 30% to 15%

This is paid on your first trade. (We cover the paperwork)

There are also some other circumstantial costs that may apply as per below:




Why it applies

Direct Debit Fail


Each direct debit failure

Direct Debits incur a $15 fee if they fail. This fee is charged by your bank.

Transfers from Douugh to another broker


Each transfer

Best to contact your receiving broker to understand the reasoning for these costs.

ADR Fees


Per quarter

This fee covers the cost of compensating the institution providing custodial services for the ADR

Regulatory Fees - SEC

$0.0000051 per $1 of sales proceeds, rounded to the nearest cent

Each Sale

SEC Fee. A regulatory fee charged independently of brokerage costs.

Regulatory Fees - TAF


per share, rounded to the nearest cent.

Each Sale

TAF Fee. A regulatory fee charged independently of brokerage costs.

We have done our best to be upfront about all the costs of using Douugh in this article, but if you’d like more detail, have a look at our Financial Services Guide.

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