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Why would I use Stockback™?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Unlike other cash-back or discount rewards programs, Stockback™ is the only rewards program that grows with you. It’s a great way to help you on your journey toward financial freedom by investing as you spend, building responsible money habits.

You get to choose where you invest your Stockback™ by selecting any one of our low-cost Portfolios. All our Portfolios are made up of hundreds of investments so you are well diversified from the get-go. Plus, they are all managed by Blackrock or ICE, some of the world's largest fund management companies!

Best of all, by investing on the regular you can take advantage of the magic of compound investing.

Here’s a super quick example:

If you invested $5 a month through Stockback™ at a compounded annual interest rate of 7% over 10 years, you could have a total $1,193.10 at the end of the 10 years. Not bad!

While we think rewarding you for your everyday spending with opportunities to invest in your future is an absolute winner, you will need to decide if Douugh is right for you.

You can check out all the available Portfolios in the following guide:

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