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How does Stockback™ work with Douugh Pay?
How does Stockback™ work with Douugh Pay?
Written by Chanel
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Stockback™ is Douugh’s game-changing rewards program, designed to help create positive money habits by investing and building your wealth as you spend. The amount of Stockback™ earned is set by each merchant and will differ, so be sure to check how much you will earn at checkout.

Rewards are paid into your chosen managed investment portfolio every time you accumulate $10 in Stockback™.

Some other things to know;

  • Stockback™ is paid on settled qualifying transactions only.

  • When the Stockback™ rewards balance reaches $10, it is automatically invested the next business day (US time).

  • If you have not chosen a managed portfolio then your Stockback™ balance will continue to accumulate and not be invested.

  • For Stockback™ to be invested, you must select a portfolio.

  • Stockback™ cannot be withdrawn as cash (unless it is first invested, then that investment is sold and the funds are withdrawn).

While we have done our best to detail how Stockback™ works and provide a clear example in this guide, as with all financial products, terms apply. You can find these terms here:

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