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What is Stockback™ rewards?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Stockback™ is Douugh’s game-changing rewards program, designed to help create positive money habits by investing and building your wealth.

You can earn up to 7% Stockback™ when you Pay Now or Pay Later using your Douugh Card.

Rewards are paid into your chosen investment portfolio every time you accumulate $10 in Stockback™.

Designed to promote smart money moves, there are a couple of ways you can earn Stockback™ :

  • Using Douugh Pay with selected merchants.

  • Daily spending on your Douugh Card.
    You can earn up to 3% on your first $100 spent and 0.5% on all eligible spending over $100 on your Douugh card.

  • Paying back a Spot in full, on time or early.
    A bonus of up to 4% Stockback™ can be earned on the first $100 of the last fully repaid, qualifying Spot.

A qualifying Spot is simply a Spot that was paid back in full, on time or earlier (no missed, late or underpayments.)

Let’s walk through an example to demonstrate how powerful Stockback™ rewards can be.

  • A customer spends a total of $1,000 on their Douugh Card, and pays back a $500 Spot on time in a single month. They would receive the following Stockback™ rewards over the month:

    • 3% of first $100 spent = $3

    • 0.5% of the remaining $900 = $4.50

    • 4% of the first $100 of Spot they paid back = $4

      • Total Stockback™ for the month = $11.50

Some other things to know;

  • Stockback™ is earned based on everyday spend with the Douugh card.

  • A qualifying Spot is a Spot that was paid back on time or earlier (no missed, late or underpayments.)

  • Stockback™ is paid on settled qualifying transactions only.

  • When the Stockback™ rewards balance reaches $10, it is invested the next business day (US time).

  • If you have not chosen a Portfolio then your Stockback™ balance will continue to accumulate and not be invested.

  • For Stockback™ to be invested, you must select a Portfolio.

  • Stockback™ cannot be withdrawn as cash (unless it is first invested, then that investment is sold and the funds are withdrawn).

While we have done our best to detail how Stockback™ works and provide a clear example in this guide, as with all financial products, terms apply. You can find these terms here:

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