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Is Linked Accounts safe?
Is Linked Accounts safe?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Yes! We take the safety of people's information and investments very seriously here at Douugh. We take safety so seriously that sometimes our dedication and protection can impact your experience with Douugh. If you ever find yourself requiring to verify bits and pieces to use Douugh, please know we do this to keep us all safe.

Your personal information

We encrypt all data and have it stored in secured facilities through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Your Linked account/s

We partner with Zepto and Basiq to ensure that your account information is encrypted securely. Additionally, we do not store your login information and are always transparent about the data we view.

We know how serious and sensitive safety is and have also included some related links for further reading:

We know it's a lot of reading but it's a serious subject and we hope our commitment to safety and security is clear. Please reach out if you have any feedback by visiting our contact page.

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