How do I update my Connected Account?
Written by Joe
Updated over a week ago

Once your Douugh account has been approved, we’ll prompt you to connect an account. If you’ve skipped this step or you’d like to update your Connected Account, follow these steps;

  • Log into the Douugh app.

  • Tap the ‘Profile’ button (in the bottom right).

  • Tap ‘Primary connected account’.

  • Tap ‘Add’.

From here you can choose either ‘Connect account’ to log in and connect your account through our open banking partner Basiq or ‘Link manually’ to manually enter your BSB and Account details.

Once your account is connected you can simply tap on it to make it your Primary Connected Account.

Your Primary Connected Account will then be the default account for any funding and fees.

A quick note - we have built Douugh to help all people from all walks of life create rewarding money habits and appreciate that some of our customers may hesitate to connect their accounts via an open banking solution (Basiq), especially as the technology is relatively new.

We completely get it and want you to know that we only use the technology to provide the best services we can to our customers and respect your choice to fund via any manual option.

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