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What type of account can I use as my Connected Account?
What type of account can I use as my Connected Account?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

You’ll be able to connect your Australian transactional accounts to fund your US Wallet.

What’s a transactional account?

Transactional accounts are your everyday, standard accounts. Typically they’ll have a card, and you’ll be using it for everyday spending. Most importantly, they can be debited!

We use direct debit to fund your Douugh account, so it is essential that you can debit the linked account.

When connecting your account through our open banking partner (Basiq) your bank will need to be listed in-app when connecting.

What about international bank accounts?
Only Australian bank accounts can be used to fund and withdraw from your US Wallet.

What if my bank is not listed?

If you’re not able to find your bank in the list of available institutions, we may not support automatically connecting to them yet.

But don’t worry! You can still connect your account manually.

We've included instructions on how to do both in the following guide:

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