Why can't I buy shares?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

There are only a few circumstances where we expect you will be unable to buy shares, these include:

  • When you have just signed up to Douugh and we are still completing your early identity verification (and our automated verification didn't work for you).

  • When you do not have sufficient funds in your US Wallet and need to fund your US Wallet.

  • When your trading account has been restricted for a Pattern Day Trading Violation.

  • Your trading account has been restricted for Good Faith Violations.

  • Your account has been restricted for verification purposes.

    • If this has happened to you, we are just trying to confirm a few of your account details and will be in contact with you so keep an eye out for our messages.

If you don't fall into any of the above circumstances and are experiencing difficulty buying shares, (and we are not already in contact) please let us know so we can investigate:

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