What is Douugh?
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The perfect companion to help you take control of your money, all in one place.

Our features:


  • Our Spend Jar and Douugh Card is the perfect companion for everyday spending. Make money as you spend with the only Pay Now / Pay Later card that turns your rewards into investments with Stockback™.


  • Our Spot feature can help smooth your cash flow when you need to. With up to $500 to borrow for a flat fee and no interest.


  • Earn up to 7% Stockback™ when you Pay Now or Pay Later with Douugh. Break into the world of investing - or boost your investments with Stockback™ rewards that are directly invested into your chosen portfolio every time you hit $5 in rewards.


  • Portfolios: Our Portfolios are created by experts, made up of hundreds of assets and the biggest companies. Choose from 7 options depending on your risk profile

  • US shares: Get access to buy and sell US shares, with the flexibility to invest on repeat how you like, when you like. Take your pick from hundreds of the biggest companies listed on the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

  • Autopilot: Relax knowing you’re in control with Autopilot. Easily set, forget and auto-invest your money for long-term growth. Make your investing habits as routine as buying groceries or paying bills.


  • Our Linked Accounts feature enables you to securely link your accounts giving you a one-stop view for all your money. Link credit cards, savings and everyday checking accounts to get a comprehensive snapshot of your finances at a glance.

Our customer values:

  • Empowerment: Providing the tools and expertise to help you build a stronger and more confident financial you.

  • Simplicity: Removing barriers, to provide simple and intuitive services that help you achieve results.

  • Reward: Building around your wants and needs in everything we do.

  • Excellence: Aim to be on the cutting edge and excel in all elements of service delivery from technology to education and service.

You can use the links in this guide and Help Center to start learning more about each of our features and how we have shaped Douugh to help you build rewarding long-term money habits.

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