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What is the US Shares section in Douugh?
What is the US Shares section in Douugh?
Written by Chanel
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Investing can be tricky, but we like to keep it easy as 1,2,3 here at Douugh.

  1. The US Share section in Douugh is where all the US shares you can buy and own can be found. Simple, right?

  2. Your US Wallet is a free USD cash account in your name.
    It's your central hub for all funds not invested, where your dividends, funding and proceeds from sales will go.

  3. To get investing, you’ll need to fund your account first. You can do this by linking a bank account.

While we like to keep things simple, we know there’s information you’ll want and need. That’s why you’ll have complete visibility of fees and the FX conversion rate.

Your funds are available to trade with immediately, and we’ll convert them to USD immediately. Your order will be executed at the best available price after the market opens.

If you’d like to withdraw your cash at any point, you can transfer your cash out to the account you funded with.

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