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How much does investing in Shares cost with Douugh?
How much does investing in Shares cost with Douugh?
Written by Chanel
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As the cost of investing in Shares will vary between individuals and we have broken down the main costs associated with Shares below:




What you get

When do you pay



28 days

Allows you to place as many trades as you like on any of the individual shares available in the Shares feature for 28 days.

When you join Douugh, you are assigned a rolling 28-day trading period. If you make a trade during a 28-day trading period, you will be charged a single trading fee at the end of the trading period. You don't pay this fee again until you make a trade in a subsequent 28-day trading period.

Currency exchange


When funding your US Wallet

Allows you to trade in USD on the US market.

Each time you fund your US Wallet. This includes funding through Autopilot.

Instant funding


When you use instant funding

Prompt access to USD funds for trading.

Each time you choose instant funding to fund your US Wallet.

While these are the main costs associated with Shares there are other fees that may apply so please, check out this guide for all costs:

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