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What is the Invest Jar?
What is the Invest Jar?
Written by Chanel
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The Invest Jar is your hub for building and managing your wealth.

From your Invest Jar, you can:

  • Gather insights and research opportunities with ‘Explore Shares’.

  • Fund your investing or withdraw your funds with ‘Move Money’.

  • Set your investing on Autopilot with ‘Auto Invest’.

  • Review your US Wallet balance, pending orders and investing transaction histories with ‘Account Details’.

  • Explore, select and manage your ‘Portfolio’.

  • Buy and sell holdings on the US share market with ‘US Shares’.

  • Get a quick snapshot of your funds available in your US Wallet for investing.

  • See your Auto-Investment summary and manage your investing preferences.

We get that this can be a lot to take in and recommend the following to keep you moving forward:

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