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What is an ETF?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Simply, exchange-traded funds or ETFs are bundles of assets (e.g. Shares or say Bonds) that you can buy and sell during market hours, which generally track to a specific index or theme.

ETFs typically focus on a single asset class e.g. Large cap equities, Fixed Income, Energy or ESG, but can include a range of asset classes. ETFs are also generally spread across a range of sectors and industries and this means that investing in an ETF can help diversify your investments and in turn, potentially lower your risk and exposure.

With Douugh you can invest in a range of individual US based ETFs and we even have a select group of Portfolios that distinctly cover both a range of asset classes and sectors/industries.

If you want to check our Portfolios out, this guide is for you:

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