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Will I receive trade confirmations for my shares?
Will I receive trade confirmations for my shares?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Yes, once an order is completed, we’ll email you a copy of your trade confirmations in your inbox.

These will be available one working day after the trade date.

If your order is not completely executed (a partial fill), you’ll receive a confirmation for the executed portion.

Often your trade will be executed through multiple smaller trades - typically the case for larger trades, executed at different times due to market liquidity.

This can also occasionally occur with limit orders when a percentage of your resting order did not trade. If the limit order is not cleared by the end of the day, the rest of the order will not be executed unless you attempt the order again.

You can also access them at any time in the statements section of the app.

Find out how to access these check out the following guide:

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