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How do I start Autopilot?
How do I start Autopilot?
Written by Chanel
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Setting up Autopilot is quick and easy; it should take you less than five minutes.

You can set up Autopilot in two ways.

  • When initially choosing a Portfolio.

  • At any time by tapping ‘Autopilot’ from the home screen.

Once your in the Autopilot Hub:

  • Tap ‘Get Started’.

  • Select the Amount and Frequency of your deposit.

  • Choose when your next investment is.

  • Connect your bank account through Basiq or manually.

  • Choose how you’d like to divide your investment;

    • This can be to your choice of combinations throughout Portfolios, US Shares and your US Wallet.

If you make any changes to your Autopilot settings, don't forget to swipe down to the bottom of your Autopilot hub and tap ‘Next’ to save the changes you have made!

For more information on Autopilot check out our Autopilot collection:

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