What is the Investment Summary screen?
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Think of the Investment Summary screen as your tool belt when deciding whether to buy, sell, hold or pass on a stock.

Each section contains a different tool for measuring a company’s current performance, and we’ve included a deep dive in our Help Centre.

You can find the Investment Summary screen for a US Share of ETF by following these steps:

  • Log into the Douugh app (or tap the ‘Home’ button if you are already logged in).

  • Tap 'Invest Jar’.

  • Tap ‘US Shares’.

Once you're in US Shares, to find the stock you are looking for you can:

  • Tap ‘Explore Shares’ to search for US Shares or ETF.

    • You can also get here by tapping ’Explore’ from the ‘Home’ screen (it’s in the middle of the bottom nav).

  • Tap on ‘Watchlist’ then the stock (if it is on your watchlist).

  • Tap on ‘Holdings’ then scroll down and tap on the stock (if you already own some of the stock).

If you have any more questions once you are on the Investment Summary screen, search our Help Centre and you should find what you seek.

If not, let us know so we can continue to support you.

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