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What are Portfolios?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Portfolios are a collection of shares we select and offer to you via the app, independently managed by some of the world’s largest fund managers - Blackrock and DriveWealth

Each portfolio is made up of hundreds of different shares and ETFs, meaning you’ve got near-instant access to a diverse portfolio of global brands and asset classes, e.g. Large cap equities, Fixed Income, Bonds and Cash! Portfolios are more diversified than just buying into one company.

We offer a total of 7 Portfolios for you to choose from with one Base, three Core and three Sustainable options.

Our Base portfolio is the ICE DriveWealth100 (CETF) Index which uses proprietary analysis to select the Top 100 US-listed ETFs each quarter based on a methodology that ranks eligible funds according to size, liquidity and risk-adjusted return.

Core and Sustainable each have a corresponding fund risk profile for conservative, moderate and aggressive appetites and are managed by Blackrock.

We’ve included a table below that shows how we have categorised the available Core and three Sustainable options.

If you want more info on what Portfolios are available check out:

If you’d like more information on risk appetites check out:

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