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How do i create and manage targets?


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    Team Douugh


    Of course, managing your spending really starts with targets. Tracking and managing your spending has never been more straightforward. Douugh uses budget categories to help you track what you spend, like Food and Drink, Groceries, and Entertainment.

    Douugh already automatically categorizes every one of your purchases and shows your spending breakdowns over the month, but Spending Targets takes budgeting to a whole new level.

    You can now set spending targets per category per month, providing more flexibility in organizing your expenses.

    To get started and add Targets, follow the below steps:

    • First, tap on 'Spending' located at the top of your app screen.
    • Go to the category you would like to set a Target for and swipe right to left. This will reveal the words 'Details’ and ‘Set’.
    • Tap on ‘Set’
    • Enter the maximum amount that you would like to spend for the month.
    • Tap ‘Save’
    • Target set. Now you can track your progress during the month and we’ll also send you push-notifications along the way.

    As you near your limits, the bars change from blue/green to yellow, to orange, and you’ll get notifications when you near and go over your set target. You can tweak your targets at any time to suit your lifestyle or plans for the upcoming month.

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