Why might I use a Douugh Card?
Written by Joe
Updated over a week ago

There are a wide range of reasons you might be interested in using a Douugh Card.

Some reasons include:

  • You want your daily spending to be rewarded with investments in your future! That’s right, rewards, not round up’s (although we are fans of round-up too!)

  • You want to keep track of your daily and monthly spending all in the one place.

  • You want a card that lets you borrow small amounts as you need them, with flat simple costs and payback terms.

  • You like the idea of being rewarded for building responsible money habits. Yes, we have rewards for paying back your Spot on time/early too!

  • You're already spending on a card, and may even be getting rewards points, but you want your spending to help build your wealth.

Douugh has been designed to help people from all walks of life build rewarding, long-term money habits.

Whilst we think a virtual card that helps you quickly access some funds when you need it most, and rewards you with opportunities to invest in your future is an absolutely winning combination, you will need to decide if Douugh is right for you.

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