How do I close my Douugh Card?
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At this stage your Douugh Card is a linked part of your overall Douugh account. This means a request to close your Douugh Card closure request will be treated as if you wish to close your Douugh account and takes into consideration:

  • Any funds you still have loaded in your Spend Jar.

  • Any outstanding Spot repayments.

  • Any funds in your US Wallet

  • Any funds invested in US Shares or Portfolios.

So before making a request please ensure you:

  1. Want to cancel your whole Douugh account.

  2. Spend any remaining funds on your Douugh Card (Funds loaded onto Douugh Cards cannot be withdrawn at this stage).
    See: How can I spend on my Douugh Card?

  3. Pay back all Spots.
    See: How do I repay my Spot?

  4. Sell any US Share and/or Portfolio holdings.
    See: How do I sell or close a Portfolio? and/or How do I sell my shares?

  5. Withdraw any funds sitting in your US Wallet. E.g. proceeds from selling US Shares/Portfolios.
    See: How do I withdraw funds?

Once you have cleared all funds from your entire Douugh account, you can submit your cancellation request by following these steps:

  • Log into the Douugh app.

  • Tap your 'Profile' in the bottom right hand corner.

  • Tap 'Help & Support' and choose 'I need help'.

  • Tap 'Send us a message'.

  • Tap ‘ Something else’ then ‘I want to cancel my Douugh account’ and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, if you just no longer want to use a Douugh Card, you can lock the card in app indefinitely. If you need a hand with this check out:

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