How do I replace my Douugh Card?
Written by Joe
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To get a new virtual card because you think yours has been compromised is easy!

To lock and replace your card, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Douugh.

  • Tap on 'Spend Jar’.

  • Tap on 'Account'.

  • Swipe down to ‘Report stolen details’ and follow the prompts.

  • Once the steps have been completed your current card will be locked and a new one reissued automatically.

Just keep in mind it can take up to 2 minutes for your replacement card to be automatically reissued in the background.

If your card has been replaced and you're using it in a digital wallet, you will need to re-add it. Don't forget to delete the old card from your digital wallet before re-adding it.

If you need a hand with this, check out the following guide:

And if you need some support with some unexpected or unauthorised transactions, check out this guide:

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