How can I spend on my Douugh Card?
Written by Chanel
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As Douugh Cards come pre-activated, all you need to do is:

  • Join Douugh and complete the required verifications to confirm your account.

  • Have funds available on your Douugh Card.

    • This can be done by adding funds to your Spend Jar, taking out a Spot Me or setting your payment mode to ‘Pay Later with Spot’.

See: What is a Douugh Card payment mode? For more insight.

  • Spend online or in-store.

If you're looking to spend online you can find your card details in-app (tap ‘Spend Jar’ then ‘Account’ then ‘Account info’) and if you’re looking to spend in person you can quickly add your Douugh Card to your chosen digital wallet.

If you need help adding funds to your card or taking out a Spot, see these guides:

If you need a hand with adding your Douugh Card to a digital Wallet, check out these guides:

And if you have funds available in your Spend Jar and you still can’t spend with your Douugh Card, check out this guide:

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