What is the Spend Jar and Douugh Card?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

Coming soon and designed to help you manage whatever life throws at you, the Spend Jar is your hub for taking control of your daily spending and the Douugh Card is your virtual card (Mastercard) that makes it all work.

From your Spend Jar you can:

  • Add money to your Douugh Card for spending.

  • Smooth your cashflow by requesting a Spot Me or setting your card to Auto-Spot.

  • View insights on your spending and Stockback™ rewards.

And with your virtual Douugh Card you can:

  • Easily add it to your chosen digital wallet for prompt use.

  • Spend funds you’ve added or a Spot.

  • Earn Stockback™ rewards on daily spending to help start your investing journey and build wealth.

Whilst we think a virtual card that helps you quickly access funds when you need it most, and rewards you with opportunities to invest in your future is an absolutely winning combination, you will need to decide if Douugh is right for you.

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