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How do sell my shares?
Written by Chanel
Updated over a week ago

When the timing is right for you and you’re ready to sell, follow these steps:

  • Log into the Douugh app (or tap the ‘Home’ button if you are already logged in).

  • Tap 'Invest Jar’.

  • Tap ‘US Shares’.

  • Swipe down on your ‘Holdings’ and tap the stock you want to sell.

  • Tap ‘- Sell’.

From here you can make a ‘Market Order’ or ‘Limit Order’ by tapping on the order drop down in the top right of the screen.

  • If you’re making a Market Order you will just need to enter the amount you’d like to sell (in USD), tap ‘Next’, ‘Confirm’ and ‘Submit’.

  • If you’re making a Limit Order you will need to own full shares, enter the amount per share you want to sell and the number of shares your looking to sell before tapping ‘Next’, ‘Confirm’ and ‘Submit’.

And if you want to sell all your holdings for the selected stock you can tap ‘Sell All’ (this will be a Market Order).

Your order will now be placed according to its type, but will always sell at the best possible price.

Once the sale is confirmed and completed, the pending order will be removed, and you’ll see the proceeds in your US Wallet.

Finally, if you want some more insight on Market or Limit orders then check out these guides:

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